Feedback is an essential tool for learning. We build it into everything we do and are known for the in-depth feedback that we provide on program participants’ work.

Educators who wish to improve the quality of their work products can get this same level of expert review through our Feedback Service. Because we understand effective feedback, our review is descriptive, anchored in criteria, meaningful and respectful, making our points easy to understand and act upon.

Clients often seek feedback to improve the quality of their assessments or curriculum units, scope and sequence frameworks, and/or published curriculum.  Our review can uncover issues of alignment, flexibility in content, strategies and products, use of explicit criteria, coherence, attention to differentiation and more.  We provide careful written feedback, with specific, actionable recommendations for improvement for a range of work and subjects.

Examples of our feedback.

Feedback that supports effective learning:

Feedback that is descriptive, anchored, timely, meaningful and respectful can increase the likelihood that the receiver can and will use it to improve upon the work.