Our consultations provide educational leaders protected time to problem-solve with the help of an outside perspective.

We use consultancies to address specific questions or concerns ranging from the fine-grained (how do I supervise an individual who is resistant to change?) to the big picture (how can I ensure that our mission and vision is relevant and vibrant?).  Our clients ask for consultations to help them with various challenges, including:

  • addressing specific questions related to supervision, induction, evaluation, change process, and the like
  • uncovering, prioritizing and/or planning to address broader needs in curriculum,instruction assessment and/or leadership
  • debriefing and troubleshooting actions taken or strategies applied, and capitalizing on opportunities that arise as a result

Consultations typically take place during 1 or 2-hour phone calls or video conferences but can be held on-site.  Depending on the need, they are scheduled as either single events or in a series.