Designing a coherent and aligned curriculum that promotes thinking is essential as we focus on the standards, skills and processes necessary to support student learning and success, in and beyond the 21st century.  LCI's curriculum programs and services can help clients increase the depth, meaningfulness and relevance of their curriculum.

Browse a catalog of our representative professional development offerings, or explore other resources to support your curriculum work:

We're excited about the impact of our curriculum work in the classroom.  These case studies give a sense of how our work affects teaching and learning in the schools.

Curriculum design and implementation at PS 204, Bronx, NY.  Learn more.

Cutting-edge design work in a blended learning environment.  Learn more.

Angela Lalor's new book from ASCD, explores the attributes of a quality curriculum in-depth and provides a variety of tools and processes for evaluating, revising or creating a curriculum. Click cover to learn more.