In this era of mandates, it can be all too easy to view assessments through the lens of a single-event. LCI helps educators to push back against that interpretation by promoting the design and use assessments that produce rather than just measure learning.

Our Approach
We approach the assessment process by helping designers to identify what they consider to be the most important learning outcomes, even if these are complex or multifaceted. We then support them in aligning these outcomes to targets and standards and guide them through the seamless integration of diagnostic, formative, and summative data. We encourage assessments in which students take an active role in understanding the assessment, engaging in meaningful assessment experiences, and using assessment data to improve upon their learning.

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Select projects:
For the past 5 years, LCI has led an ambitious project known as PADI which promotes increased capacity, understanding and use of performance-based assessments in 25 Tri-State Consortium districts.  The 94 PADI assessments in use to date were designed to measure worthy outcomes like critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and meta-cognition. They help their creators to measure what matters, while supporting use of multiple assessment data, attention to differentiating instructional interventions, and alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment. Learn more.

LCI assisted 21 out of 31 recipients of New York State's "T
eaching is the Core" grants to build and implement quality assessments that promote student learning.  This video shows what is looks like when a Test doesn't feel like a test.  Read one's TiTC client's perspective on our work.

Giselle Martin-Kniep guest-edited the Assessing All that Matters issue of Impact.   The journal features the perspectives and actions of educators who have taken steps to operationalize valued outcomes in their schools and districts.  Click the cover to open Impact.