At LCI, we support instructional practices geared towards making students active participants in their learning.

How can we help students move from the mindset of passive receivers of knowledge to active learners?  By expecting them to question, engage in discussions, and use critical thinking in the classroom.  By ensuring that their instruction is scaffolded, differentiated, culturally-responsive, and informed by formative assessment to meet their particular needs.

In this model, teachers serve as coaches and facilitators of learning.  In addition to teaching specific skills and knowledge in our instruction-focused programs, we help educators to support these practices by providing collaborative working sessions; facilitating classroom inter-visitations and learning; and modeling video analysis and debriefs.

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Lessons From Helping Teachers Analyze Student Work

This article outlines best practices for using student work understand student learning needs and refine teaching practices.

Trifold: Inquiry Process Guide

Trifold: Inquiry Process Guide

Checklist for Critical Thinking

Educators can use this tool to help them identify specific behaviors associated with critical thinking