Professional Learning Design & Facilitation

Are you a content expert who would like additional support in design and facilitation? LCI’s adult learning and facilitation programs and services are designed to support facilitators who already have specific content to share and want to hone their facilitation practices. Participants develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are the underpinnings of quality as they design, implement and evaluate learning experiences for the adults they serve.

Our programs and services in adult learning facilitation are unique in that they are led by practicing facilitators – LCI consultants, who are themselves actively involved in providing professional development experiences, and are committed to sharing quality facilitation practices. Engaging in one of these experiences means you simultaneously learn about and experience the quality design and delivery of adult learning.

Interested in learning more about our professional development programs for facilitators of adult learning?  Flip through our representative program guide.

Checklist for Quality Facilitation

This tool highlights attributes and qualities of effective facilitators of learning.

Adults Need Feedback Too!

Educators in leadership roles, both formal and informal, benefit from on-going and substantive feedback about the content of their work and the processes they use to support professional growth.