Understanding Project-Based Learning

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Project-based learning (PBL) allows students to solve problems, create and collaborate.  It can increase ownership and motivation while helping students to work for real purposes and audiences.  This 5-lesson, self-paced course is designed to deepen your understanding of project-based learning. It will allow you to explore, synthesize and reflect on your practice.  Guiding questions for the course include:

  •   What is project-based learning?
  •   What does project-based learning look like in classrooms?
  •   What conditions support project-based learning?
  •   What does PBL demand that students know, be able to do and be like?
  •   What does PBL demand of teachers’ instructional and assessment practices?

This self-paced, 1 credit (15 CTLE hours) course includes readings/viewings and short reflective assignments.