Some recent words from our clients....

The LCI series has helped me to be more reflective with my discussions with principals. I try to be more of a thought partner by asking more questions instead of providing "answers". I believe this has helped my principals and me to be really thoughtful in identifying and planning systems and structures for school improvement.

Superintendent, NYC DOE

Thank you for the balance between group instruction and personalized work in our districts. What is so often missing from workshops like this is the chance to dig in with a partner and dream/grapple. This may be the only workshop I have attended where we have had significant time to dream together. Turning theory into practice was the difference between "another new initiative" and catching a vision for my own classroom. Thank you for continuing into another year as well, as it is so easy for me to start something I'm excited about, only to be dulled and distracted by the constraints and needs of a Regents-level classroom with an exam at the end of the year. Have a great summer!

Teacher, Monroe Central School District

I have grown tremendously as a result of this professional development. I now break down standards and try to align them to tasks and assessments in a way that I didn't before. By collaborating with my colleagues, I am so much more proficient in considering authentic audiences, interdisciplinary opportunities, rubric design, and reflection. Above all, I believe there is a noted difference in my ability to create opportunities for students to tap into metacognition skills.

Teacher, Performance Assessment Design Initiative

LCI has helped me to better understand how effective pedagogy is enhanced by a focus on student social emotional awareness and learning. Recognizing the impact of productive questioning as a feedback strategy will strengthen the dialogues I have with my principals and colleagues and impact ongoing reflective learning.

District Leader, NYC DOE

This program has given the most in-depth view of assessment I have ever received as a principal. I feel empowered to help teachers develop and evaluate assessments. I feel that I can better evaluate assessment planning and execution. I also feel better equipped to evaluate teacher pedagogy (re: Danielson) because of this review program.

Principal, NYC DOE