Diane Cunningham

Senior Consultant

Diane facilitates long-term staff development programs related to standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as various school and district initiatives designed to build organizational capacity to operate as learning communities. Diane also designs and delivers programs that support those who want to learn to facilitate the learning of other adults and coaches educators who work in leadership roles. A strong advocate of collegial inquiry and action research, she has developed expertise in guiding educators through the process of planning and carrying out collaborative and individual inquiry that is rigorous and grounded in classroom practices. Most recently, Diane has supported the design of blended curriculum for a virtual high school in New York.  She is excited by the authentic possibilities that teaching in a blended environment provides.

Diane has published an ASCD Action Tool titled Improving Teaching with Collaborative Action Research. She has also published work related to portfolios and action research in Why Am I Doing This?: Purposeful Teaching Through Portfolio Assessment and Becoming a Better Teacher: Eight Innovations that Work. She has a background in elementary education and reading education and a Masters Degree in Writing from Northeastern University, and received her doctorate from Hofstra University. She can be reached at  dianec@lciltd.org.


Improving Teaching with Collaborative Action Research: An ASCD Action Tool

Diane has supported a wide range of educators through the action research process - from determining a meaningful starting point to reflecting on the process. This tool combines Diane's experiences and tools in a powerful, detailed, and authentic tool designed for schools at any stage in the collegial inquiry process.

Three moves to elevate student discussion

Diane Cunningham

This article, published in ASCD Express on April 23rd, 2020, includes 3 actionable steps teachers can take to deepen the engagement, quality, and depth of student discussions.

Teacher beliefs: A critical component of quality blended learning

Diane Cunningham

LCI publication, February 2019.

Insights into Action Research

Diane Cunningham

What change matters most? LCI publication. 2015.

Assessment is a Process, Not an Event

Diane Cunningham

LCI publication. 2013.

Teachers as Investigators of Practice?

Diane Cunningham

LCI publication. 2011.

Adults need feedback, too!

Diane Cunningham

LCI publication. 2009.

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