The Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric (MPPR) and the Multidimensional Leadership Performance Rubric (MLPR) are assessment tools developed by LCI to support a balanced and purposeful professional assessment system, and promote the development of quality practice.  Our Field Guides support the successful implementation of these rubrics.

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What are the Field Guides?

Developed to support the understanding and use of the MPPR and the MLPR, the Field Guides and accompanying workbooks provide users with the theory that anchors the rubrics, and outline an evaluation process that integrates goals and improvement.  Concrete application activities and organizing forms are included to guide and support both the rubrics and process.  

Different versions of the Field Guides and Field Guide Workbooks are offered to meet the needs of each professional involved.  Consistent sections support those processes, theories and questions that are important for all users, while different questions, considerations, activities and forms have been designed to meet the diverse and unique needs of individual users’ roles and purposes.
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Who can benefit from the Field Guide?

Those considering the MPPR or MLPR as assessment tools:
If you are considering using the Multidimensional Principal and/or Leadership Performance rubrics, these Field Guides will provide you with context and details to help you to decide whether or not the MPPR and MLPR are a good fit for you, and understand and plan for their successful implementation.

New MPPR or MLPR users:
For those who have recently adopted the MPPR and/or the MLPR, these Field Guides help to develop a sound understanding of each tool, and provide step-by step guidance for their implementation.  Clearly annotated activities and implementation-related forms make this a practical resource for new MPPR or MLPR users.

Experienced MPPR or MLPR users:
Those who have participated in MPPR or MLPR professional development programs and/or who have used the rubrics in formal or informal assessment or evaluation can revisit and rethink the theory and intentions behind the tools and can engage with additional research-based questions, ideas and material.  In the Field Guide workbook, they will explore concepts introduced during MPPR and MLPR professional development sessions, and will also find additional activities and forms to support their work.