Clients have lots to say about the work of LCI.  In fact, most new clients come to LCI as a result of the recommendations of our existing clients. This is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.  The words of our clients provide us with the challenge of meeting – and exceeding – their affirmations and expectations.

"After our work with LCI, we saw a shift from the traditional high school model of learning.  Our teachers moved from lecturing the students to being facilitators of learning. They offered more authentic assessments that bridge to things outside the classroom.  Our students starting making connections and taking charge of their own learning."
  "LCI staff challenged us to think systemically and strategically; to make connections and see relationships across instructional departments; and to reflect critically about our own practice and expertise vis-à-vis the organization. Over the course of our work together, there were dramatic shifts in our organization and in its members."
  "My students have benefited from what I bring back to them from LCI… I now focus so much more on the process of student learning and base my lessons on what students need. Because of LCI, I feel as though my teaching has become more meaningful for students. It has helped me to be more reflective about what does and does not help in being an effective facilitator of learning."
Carol Kelley

  Jie Zeng

  Syndee Zegel
Teacher Leader

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