Examples of our work: Needs Assessment reports

We take pride in providing our clients with comprehensive, usable reports when we undertake a needs assessment.  We share implications and findings from our work in the ways that best meet our client needs and inform decision-making.  The following sample reports show the range of needs assessment projects types and reports that we deliver. 

  • This report highlights our findings about existing SEL support for students.
  • Designed around survey responses, this report about a school's progress in demonstrating student-centered portfolios demonstrates our approach to coding and qualitative data analysis.
  • We supported a large urban high school with planning, organizing, and collecting multiple data points to inform their work around school improvement, with our findings captured here.
  • This report, related to our  work investigating a district's alignment to newly adopted standards, reflects the role of students in collecting information about instruction and curriculum.
  • We use an inquiry-based, iterative approach to curriculum reviews, as demonstrated here.
  • This report was prepared on behalf of a school identified by their state education department for an external review.  It reflects our holistic approach to helping the school tell its story.