Certification and Training

Have your development needs surpassed your existing content expertise? To accommodate those who wish to use specific LCI processes and materials to support their adult learning needs, we offer training that leads to certification in LCI content facilitation.  Licenses for the use of LCI-developed materials and processes accompany successful completion of an LCI content facilitation certification.  Currently, we have trained and certified facilitators in our assessment audit process, in our assessment and curriculum unit design work and in our leadership evaluation work.

Does context rather than content drive your adult facilitation work?  For those who wish to add to their adult facilitation skill-set, specialized LCI facilitation training supports the Facilitation of Inquiry/Action Research as well as Coaching.   For those who facilitate leaders, certification is available as a Multidimensional Professional Performance System coach.


LCI Content Facilitator Certification

Learn to facilitate specific LCI processes, programs or series using LCI-developed materials. Certifications in curriculum, assessment and leadership areas are available. This rigorous program has explicit certification criteria. Successful candidates for certification receive a credential and license access to LCI-produced materials, processes and tools. Custom or combination certifications can also be developed.

Facilitation Specialization

Through a combination of learning and guided practice, participants develop and deepen expertise in two key approaches to adult learning: facilitating Adult Collegial Inquiry or Action Research groups and in general Coaching skills. Participants In the Inquiry/Action research strand learn to guide the design and implementation of inquiry, including question development, action planning and data analysis. Coaching skills participants learn about needs assessment, goal setting and effective feedback.