Select publications authored by Joanne Picone-Zocchia

Changing the way you teach, Improving the way students learn

Co-written with Giselle Martin-Kniep, this book describes a framework for effective teaching that can be applied to any subject area and grade level. A detailed review of the structures, processes, and content of effective teaching provides practical tips that can be used right away, and the stories that are woven throughout directly and explicitly relate theory to practice and results.· Areas of focus include addressing both the depth and the breadth of your curriculum, questions that engage and support student learning, specific scaffolding techniques, and tips for using student portfolios to both document and promote student learning.
MPPR Field Guide Series

As the author of the Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric (MPPR), Joanne wrote the Field Guides to the MPPR in response to requests from the field. The Guides support quality principal evaluation by outlining a process that integrates goals and improvement.  Concrete application activities and organizing forms guide and support both the rubric and the process.  Learn more.

MLPR Field Guide Series

Analgous the the MPPR Field Guide Series, the MLPR Field Guide Series promotes the development of quality practice for school leaders and their evaluators.  This series is designed to support successful implementation of the Multidimentional Leadership Performance Rubric (MLPR).  Learn more.

Handbook of Strategies for Teaching and Assessing Mathematics

Blending theory of “best practice” with classroom reality, this handbook focuses on the development and use of effective instructional techniques and practices in K-5 mathematics. It explores the topics of diversified assessment, establishing and communicating explicit criteria, using various questioning strategies to support and extend math learning, and the role of problems in providing context for teaching and learning math skills. Each section concludes with a series of processing and design options to help teachers apply the material to their own context.  Co-authored with Giselle Martin-Kniep.

  • Signature Practices: Evidence of Experience, Innovation & Expertise.  LCI publication.  2013.  Article link
  • Common Core State Standards: Where do we begin?  LCI publication.  2011.  Article link
  • Leveraging the Common Core Standards Initiative to Lead Improved Learning.  LCI publication.  2011.  Article link
  • Managing the Dissonance… and Disconnect… of Change.  LCI publication.  2011.  Article link
  • Remaining Responsive to Maximize Success.  LCI publication.  2011.  Article link
  • Responding to Professional Evaluations.  LCI publication.  2011.  Article link
  • There's More to Goals Than Setting Them. LCI publication.  2011.  Article link
  • An Efficient and Effective Model for School Wide Improvement.  LCI publication.  2010.  Article link