OC 21

Supporting quality curriculum design in online learning environment.

Cutting-edge education theory, design and delivery is being tested in OC21, an online, blended learning virtual high school supported through a consortium of schools, BOCES and LCI – but students who are taking classes through OC21 aren’t focused on that.  They’re excited to apply the technology skills that they use in their “real life” to an academic environment.  They’re pleased by the prospect of working independently, at their own pace.  And they’re excited at the idea that their learning is not confined to one period, or one place.

LCI's role

Diane Cunningham designs and co-facilitates the professional development (PD) and curriculum design support for OC 21 teachers through long-term, intensive curriculum design workshops in a blended environment.  This provides the teachers with a first-hand perspective on the learning opportunities and challenges within the very medium they use with students.

Read about OC21's courses for 2017-2018, which were shaped and developed with LCI's support of quality curriculum design.

The Student Experience

Each course is conceptualized around an essential question, such as “Does truth exist?” or “When does the selling stop?” and they feature weekly learning modules that engage students in inquiry and learning.  Classes are designed to make the most of the learning management system and the tremendous web-based resources and tools available.  Students engage in research, work with others to build understanding and develop individual and/or collaborative projects.  They share drafts of work in peer review, get feedback from their teachers and participate in regular discussions to gain other perspectives.

The blended learning classroom ultimately enables students to get the benefits of a curriculum designed according to best practices, plus the opportunity to engage with and be exposed to technology-based learning platforms.  OC 21 offers them a rich, meaningful learning experience that builds their skills for the future.

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