At LCI, we practice the priority that our name establishes, integrating learner-centered practices into our work, engaging participants’ perspectives, energy and expertise and tapping their passion for education.

How we work

LCI works closely with clients to design programs that meet their specific needs, drawing upon our 20+ years of experience.  Nothing we deliver is canned or pre-packaged.

Hallmarks of our work

  • Comprehensive feedback.  We understand that timely, actionable and specific feedback improves work quality.  As part of our process, LCI regularly provides detailed feedback, both during and after sessions, to ensure that our clients' work is on track with their goals.  Feedback sample.
  • Deep knowledge.  Our consultants bring a deep understanding of best practices and relevant literature.  As a result, we're able to bring new knowledge to our clients to help them make a difference in their schools.  
  • Facilitation skills.  We recognize that every session is filled with a unique group of people with different needs.  Our strength lies in being able to tailor session content and approaches, often on the fly, in order to meet the specific learning needs of the group.
  • Thoughtful design. Research informs everything we do, starting with our own work.  Session design considerations.

Learn how this translates for our clients.  One client's perspective.