Liz Locatelli


At LCI, Liz has focused on working with teachers to create Quality Curriculum, including authentic assessment tasks, formative assessments and rubrics, all aligned to the standards. She has also worked with representatives from various districts to create regional Quality Assessment Tasks.

Liz has extensive background in literacy education, curriculum development, professional development and action research. She holds an Ed.D. from New York University in Literacy Education and her dissertation was on engaging teachers in creating their own curriculum. She has taught high school English and Global Studies as well as graduate courses in literacy education. She currently teaches the thesis class for City College of NY. Over the years Liz has designed programs for at-risk students, managed a grant for newcomers (ELL’s), created a virtual community of learners centered around Common Core Learning Standards and designed and facilitated numerous professional development programs on a variety of topics.  She can be reached at


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Liz Locatelli

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Liz Locatelli

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